PAC/ School Council AGM October 6th, 2020

We need help from our amazing community. On October 6th from 5:30 – 6:30 we will be having a virtual AGM for our School Council and Fundraising Society. 

Every year we elect a new executive for these groups and we build a plan to support the work of our great school. This year is a year of great change. We will need your help at School Council. Whether you would like a formal role on the Council or if you would just like to share your voice, please come to our virtual meetings this year.

Thank you so much for supporting our school.

Here is a list of the positions for this year and the people who are interested in this position.

Chair: Person interested/Eva Munro
Vice-Chair: Person interested/Catherine Loades
Treasurer: Vacant
Secretary: Person interested/ Ibtissem Zekri
Key Communicator: Person interested/JoAnn Reynolds
Members at Large: Vacant
Volunteer Coordinator: Vacant
Fundraising Coordinator: Vacant

Casino Coordinator: Vacant
Communication Liaison (PAC Website and Facebook): Person interested/ Caley Wolf

ALL parents are encouraged to attend including our HUB parents. Please note, these are people are who interested in the position, not the people who are in the current positions so more than one person can be interested.

If you are interested as well please contact Mr. Dyck

Bottle Drive Fundraiser Friday October 2nd!

Since we cannot host in person events this year, we have come up with a Covid-19 friendly monthly fundraiser.  

We will be hosting a drive through bottle drive on the first Friday of every month.  It will run similar to the one we ran in May, where we raised $850.  

Time: 8 am to 9 am, first Friday of each month  

Who:  Nellie McClung Students, Parents & the PBPO Community.  We will get it in the community mail outs.

Estimated $:  $500/month

Bottle Depot:  Marklan bottle depot, owned by a Nellie Family

Volunteers:  Minimum 2 volunteers to direct traffic .

Location:  Pop up bins at each Student drop off (pictured in Red), and a drive through drop in a roped off area by baseball diamond 1 (pictured in blue). 

We will need to allow for that traffic for the one hour, we will be there to direct.