Bottle Drive Fundraiser Friday October 2nd!

Since we cannot host in person events this year, we have come up with a Covid-19 friendly monthly fundraiser.  

We will be hosting a drive through bottle drive on the first Friday of every month.  It will run similar to the one we ran in May, where we raised $850.  

Time: 8 am to 9 am, first Friday of each month  

Who:  Nellie McClung Students, Parents & the PBPO Community.  We will get it in the community mail outs.

Estimated $:  $500/month

Bottle Depot:  Marklan bottle depot, owned by a Nellie Family

Volunteers:  Minimum 2 volunteers to direct traffic .

Location:  Pop up bins at each Student drop off (pictured in Red), and a drive through drop in a roped off area by baseball diamond 1 (pictured in blue). 

We will need to allow for that traffic for the one hour, we will be there to direct.