Cheque Writing Campaigns –  Directed Project or Annual

Last year Nellie parents and local businesses generously led and supported a directed cheque writing campaign which resulted in a significant amount of funds raised for a  learning commons project and technology upgrades in our school.

In the future, PAC would like to offer parents the opportunity to make an annual contribution to Nellie McClung School.

What is a Cheque Writing Campaign?

A request to parents to make a single financial donation in lieu of multiple fundraising efforts.

Why a Cheque Writing Campaign?

  • Saves parents time and effort in their busy lives.
  • Ensures the school receives the entire amount raised rather than the portion typical of door-to-door sales and fundraisers.
  • Has an impact early in the school year to fund educational activities.
  • Dollars may be eligible for an employer-matching program.
  • Dollars are eligible for a 50% tax credit (for taxpayers who have contributed a minimum of $200 in a taxation year). After the tax credit, a contribution of $500 only costs you $250, $1,000 costs you $500 and $2,500 costs you $1,250.
  • Precious volunteer time can be spent on building our Nellie community experiences instead of coordinating fundraising.

Where will my Cheque Writing Campaign donation go?

Donations (100%) will support enriching programs for the children of Nellie Mcclung School. Nellie kids need the generous help of Nellie families to ensure these programs continue. Examples include:

  • Learning Through the Arts – artists from the areas of dance, writing, music, visual arts, media arts or drama work in each homeroom to promote a love of learning through innovative discovery of new knowledge and insights.
  • Field Studies – trips to places such as Glenmore and Fish creek Park, Safety City, Jubilee Auditorium, and the Glenbow Museum.
  • Musical Instruments – last year our PAC funds purchased a class set of chimes.
  • Physical Education Programs – last year funds supported the cross country skiing program with the Foothills Nordic Club.
  • Landscaping around new playground and naturalization areas.
  • Reading and Math programs that support ESL and enhanced literacy/numeracy in our school.
  • Social Programs – friendship and social language programs that support our social community at school ex. Good Guys and Girl Power Program
  • Nellie University – Offers kids an opportunity to explore specific areas and diverse topics such as cooking, language, art, music, chess, robotics and coding/programing.
  • Library funding to keep our school library a top resource for our kids
  • and many, many more…

How do I donate to the Cheque Writing Campaign?

Please complete the Nellie PAC Donation Form (PDF)

Donations of $100 or more by individual and corporate donors will be recognized through the Nellie Community Heroes webpage. Recognition tiers for a Directed CWC and an Annual CWC may vary.

Your donation will provide excellent educational opportunities for the children of Nellie. Thank you for your participation. We guarantee our kids are worth it!

If you have any questions please contact us at

Donations are  a voluntary contribution and any amount given is appreciated. If every Nellie family donated 12$ per child/year,  our school would have over $5000 that would go directly to improving the education of our children. 

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Due to the COVID-19 restrictions this year, we are unable to raise funds through the traditional community building in person events we have come to know and love within the Nellie community.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to focus our efforts into areas where we can positively impact and further advance the education of our students and support our teachers at Nellie McClung.

The school has identified the buckets of technology and arts as requiring additional funding and have set a fundraising goal of $20,000.

If you can support our great school, students and teachers please consider making a financial contribution to our 2020/2021 Fill Our Buckets campaign.

Your donation will have an impact on ensuring our students receive the best education possible and will be used to further support advancements in technology based learning and artistic expression. Donations can be made through signup genius, cheque or e-transfer to

All donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt for the year the donation was made. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS IF YOU WOULD LIKE A TAX RECEIPT.

The Fill our Buckets campaign will run from December 2020 through January 2021.If you would like a tax receipt for the 2020 year, please make your donation prior to December 31, 2020.


The fundraising committee made a really great video in support of the campaign!!

Make sure to have a look!

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