Nellie Community Heroes

Nellie Community Heroes

The Nellie McClung School Council wishes to recognize our Nellie Community Heroes for their remarkable contributions to Nellie McClung School. Their vision, commitment and generosity will enable Nellie McClung School to enhance student learning. The impact of their donations will benefit our students for years to come.

On behalf of the all students, staff and parents at Nellie McClung School…you have our sincerest gratitude.

2015-2016 NELLIE COMMUNITY HEROES (Learning Commons)

Nellie Helper (Bronze Tier)

You Family
Margot Feldman*
Shang Family
Palmiere Family

Nellie Hero (Silver Tier)

Rousseau Family
Fanzhu Family
Robson Family

Nellie Hero (Gold Tier)

Zebak Family
Eisenberg Family
Tysowski Family
Langedijk Family
Leskiw Family
Marino Family
Brettschneider Family
Assef Family

Nellie Pillar (Platinum Tier)

McGeer Family
Kim Family
Gillespie Family
Attewell Family
Baverstock-Browning Family
Robertson Family

Nellie Leader  (Hero Tier)

Barr Family

*We would like to thank Margot Feldman, Owner with Schulman Design Inc., for hours of in kind design work provided for the learning commons project this year.

Tiers for directed campaigns may vary from annual contribution tiers. This years Heroes have been memorialized on a plaque mounted in the Learning Commons Area.

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