PAC/ School Council AGM Update

Our AGM will be this coming Tuesday, October 6th at 5:30 pm. Follow the link below to attend the virtual meeting.

The link for the TEAMS Meeting is Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Some items in which you may want to review prior to the AGM can be found here. These include last year’s AGM minutes, the job descriptions of the council members as well as the agenda for the upcoming meeting.

There are two other links you may want to have a look at prior to the meeting:

  1. Position Nomination Survey
  2. ASCA resolutions Survey (will be reviewed in AGM)

Here is a list of the updated interest in the positions for this upcoming school year.

Nellie Parent School Council Positions 2020/2021

Chair (Executive Position): Person interested/ Eva Munro
Vice Chair (Executive Position): Person interested/ Catherine Loades
Treasurer (Executive Position): Vacant
Secretary (Executive Position): Person interested/ Ibtissem Zekri

Fundraising Coordinator: Persons interested/ Kristin Dublonko and Laura McIntyre 
Casino Coordinator: Vacant
Communication Liaison (PAC Website and Facebook):Person Interested/ Caley Wolf
Volunteer Coordinator: Person Interested/ Wendy Moffat
CBE Key Communicator: Person interested/ JoAnn Reynolds
Members at Large (2): Person Interested/ Onalee Orchard