Current Organizers

Current Organizers

Volunteer Organizers for the Current School Year 2016/17

School Council and PAC Volunteer Coordinator: Leslie A.
School Council and PAC Fundraising Coordinator: Kondilenia K.

  • Family Photo Night: Lisa A.
  • Used Book Sale: Tami H
  • Casino: Danae P
  • Webpage: Anjli A *
  • Fun Lunches: Mary Z,  Karine A
  • Sports Day and Winter Sports Day:  <Vacant>
  • Staff Appreciation Potlucks: Tanis S. & Jenny F
  • Grade 6 Celebration/Yearbook: <Vacant>
  • Entertainment Book: Terrie P
  • Muffin Mixer: Sandra
  • Family Movie Nights: Kondilenia K
  • Balzac Meats: Anjli A, Carolyn R
  • FundScript: Jen T
  • Norwex Products: Shannon C
  • Nellie Apparel: Karly Z.
  • Cobbs Bread: Ongoing in store
  • Summer Garden Maintenance: <Vacant>
  • School Sign Maintenance: <Vacant>

* This position is vacant for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year.

We are already looking for volunteer organizers for next year. Now is the time to sign up and let us know you are interested at Volunteer Organizer positions available are starred above and listed here.

Classroom Representatives:

Our class representatives provide a communication link between the parents and teacher, coordinate extra support or help in the classroom, submit and organize scholastic orders, help with fun lunch, coordinate classroom specific special events/snacks and organize a year end class gift for teachers and education assistants.

Grade 1:
Grade 2:
Grade 3:
Grade 4:
Grade 5:
Grade 6:

Thank you to all of our amazing Nellie Volunteers! You are a big part of what makes Nellie a great school for our kids.


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