We have several fundraisers at Nellie McClung to best meet every family’s ability to give in their own way. If you have an idea for a fun fundraiser please contact us at

Where will your fundraising dollars go?

All funds raised support enriching programs for the children of Nellie Mcclung School. Nellie kids need the generous help of Nellie families to ensure these programs continue.

Examples of how our fundraising dollars are spent include:

  • Learning Through the Arts – funding artists from the areas of dance, writing, music, visual arts, media arts and drama to work in each classroom to promote a love of learning through innovative discovery of new knowledge and insights.
  • Field Studies – supports trips to places such as Glenmore and Fish creek Park, Safety City, Jubilee Auditorium, and the Glenbow Museum.
  • Musical Instruments – last year our PAC funds purchased a class set of chimes.
  • Physical Education Programs – last year funds supported the cross country skiing program with the Foothills Nordic Club.
  • Landscaping around new playground and naturalization areas.
  • Reading and Math programs that support ESL and enhanced literacy/numeracy in our school.
  • Social Programs – friendship and social language programs that support our social community at school e.g. Good Guys and Girl Power Program
  • Nellie University – Offers kids an opportunity to explore specific areas and diverse topics such as cooking, language, art, music, chess, robotics and coding/programing.
  • Library funding to keep our school library a top resource for our kids
  • and many, many more…

Current Fundraisers at Nellie

  • Fun Lunch
  • Family Photo Night
  • Used Book Sale
  • Family Movie Nights
  • Nellie Swag
  • Entertainment Books
  • Balzac Meats
  • Fundscript – Gift Card Fundraiser
  • Norwex Cleaning Products
  • Cheque Writing Campaigns
  • Cobbs Bread – Mention Nellie McClung School and a portion of your purchase goes to our school.
  • Casino – Our biggest and most important fund raiser. Read more about it here.

To sign up and see what volunteer opportunities are available click here.

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Council Meetings May 9, 6:00 pm

Join us for a meeting of the Nellie McClung School and Parent Advisory Councils on May 9 at 6:00 pm.

We encourage every one to come and participate. Child care will be available.
The agenda can be accessed here.
Draft minutes from the April 19 meeting are available here.

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